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Mobile reach is spreading like wildfire with more than 7 billion devices currently in use.  We make sure your message is on brand, on the right platform, reaching the right audience. Test your website here and contact us to optimize your website for mobile devices!

Social Media

Your customers spend more time on social media than any other major Internet activity, including email.
We create and implement social media strategies and campaigns that match your company culture and deliver on-brand messages to your target audience. 

Web Development

We make sure your website reflects your brand and solidifies audience confidence in your organization. We ensure your website also acts as a portal to your social voice. And that's just the beginning - ask us how we can integrate your website into your corporate data infrastructure.

Corporate Brand

With increased competition, the positioning of your corporate identity is critical.  Your brand shows your benefits, your culture, and your strengths.  We help strengthen your brand through modernization, brand-guide development, internal and external communications.

Social Media Webinars

Allow our Social Media Professionals to instruct you of the basics of Social Media Marketing.  Learn the science behind broadening your reach, addressing negative feedback, engaging customers and measuring the campaign results.


EVillages Ltd.

EVil­lages is a lead­ing mar­ket­ing and web agency in the Caribbean that spe­cial­izes in social media, web development, mobile and corporate branding for the tourism and finan­cial industries. 

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EVillages Ltd. can be reached at the following address:
PO Box 129w
Worthing, Christ Church
Barbados, WI

Phone: 246-836-9877

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